How to know when to see your doctor about hand pain?

How to know when to see your doctor about hand pain? Injuring your hand is quite common, because we are using our hands all the time. The first thing that one would do when you fall down is to use your hands to limit the injury to your body, but in the process we injuring your hands and wrists. Or we can sprain your hand and then it can be painful moving your hand. Here are some tips on when to see your doctor about hand pain.

Hand pain without injury

You are having pain in your hand without injuring it at all. Your hand is not suppose the hurt if you know that you didn’t injured your hands at all. If your hand is till paining after two weeks of pain management treatments, it is best to visit your doctor to find the cause of the pain. Having and pain without an injury can be serious if you leave it unthreatened. There can be an underlining illness that you don’t know of.

Bleed for more than 15 minutes

Everyone cuts their hands sometime. IF the cut is deep and the bleeding won’t stop after putting pressure on for fifteen minutes, it may be time to go to your doctor. Then you will need stitches to stop the bleeding and to close the cut, to prevent any infections. If you cut your hand and you can see the bones, don’t wait for the fifteen minutes with pressure on your hand before you are going the doctor. Then you must go immediately to your more information on how to stop bleeding at

How to know when to see your doctor about hand pain?

Broken bones in your hand or fingers

If you know that you have broken a bone in your hand or finger, you must get to medical help immediately. And before you go to your doctor, make sure that your hand is splint correctly and secure from any movement.Read more information about first aid treatment for broken bones by clicking here.This is for preventing any further damage to your hand. You will need to wear a brace for six weeks for the broken bones to heal properly. During this sex weeks you will not be able to use your hand at all.

Hand is blue, swelling and lost feeling

You hurt your hand. Now your hand is blue, has lots of swelling and you are starting to lose the feeling in your hands. This could be a serious hand injury and you must go to your doctor immediately. The longer you are waiting, the more damage will be done to your hands. And long- term damage is irreversible and then you will have a damaged hand for ever.

Your hand feels feverish

Maybe you cut or bruised your hand and it is nothing serious, but now your hand is getting red, swollen and feel warm to the touch. This might be a sign of infection and going to your medical doctor is important so that he can prescribe you medicine for healing the infection. If you don’t go to your doctor, the infection will spread and you will get sicker.

Our hands are very important to all of us, and we don’t want to damage our hands. But, it does happen and then we must know when to go to the doctor, and when home treatment is enough.

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