Having back pain- when to see a doctor

Do you need to see a back pain doctor every time you have back pain? If we don’t have any medical knowledge it can be hard to tell when to see the doctor if back pain. When do we know if it really serious or not? Here are some tips on when it is time to see your doctor about your back pain.read more information on how to find a new pain management doctor http://www.spiritualwellnessandhealing.com/you-got-fired-from-your-pain-management-doctor/

When you have fever with your back pain

If you are having back pain without any pain management treatments that don’t bring relieve. And you are starting to have a high fever. Then it is a sign of a serious infection somewhere in your back. And the only solution would be to go the the doctor for medication for treating the infection. IF you leave it undiagnosed, it can lead to even more serious problems.

Having trauma to your back

Maybe you had a light car accident and you thought that you didn’t get hurt, but the next day you have an aching back. Then you should see your back pain doctor as soon as possible. You could have injured your back seriously. The same goes if you had a fall and realize that you are having some bad back pain. Always go to your doctor if you are having back pain because of trauma done to your back.

Having back pain- when to see a doctor

If you have numbness or tingling feeling in your lower back

If you are having numbness or a tingling feeling in your back, you can’t take any chances. Then you must go to your doctor urgently. You could have damage your nerves and trying to heal it yourself could do more harm than good. If you don’t get the treatment fast, you can get disabled and end up in a wheelchair. Nerve damage can never be repaired. If you damage your nerves in your back, you could lose your feelings in your legs.read more information on types of back pain by clicking here

Back pain with loss of bowel or bladder function

When you experience back pain with loss of bowel or bladder function it could be really serious as well. There is then the possibility that you can have the rare, serious condition called cauda equine syndrome. This is where your nerve roots in the spinal cord experienced compression and become paralyzed. You need to go to your back pain doctor to resolve this matter as soon as possible. You can damage your organs further if you don’t go to your doctor as soon as possible.

Night back pain

Your pain management of your back is fine during the day, but during the night your back pain is unbearable. If the pain is wakening you up during the night, it might be something seriously wrong with your back. You are not supposed to get woken up by back pain or any other pain. Then it is a sign of something serious.

Having back pain can make your life hell. Back pain can be not so serious like a ligament that was strain, or it can be very serious like nerve damage or problems with your organs or even a tumor. So if you do have back pain and don’t know if it is really serious, it is best to visit your back pain doctor and make sure that everything is fine with your back.

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