Back Pain – Management For Chronic Back Pain

Exercise and stretching can be the best prescription for back pain management, but they must be conducted regularly and correctly to see results. Of course, there are over the counter and prescription medications for swelling and inflammation as well. And being at a proper weight for your height is important to a healthy back. A good exercise program, started and ended with stretching will not only help stop the pain, but also prevent injury in the future. Back pain management can be accomplished for both muscular and joint or disc back pain by your back pain doctor.

Every back is different, and each person moves in special ways, therefore, a specific exercise program cannot be given here without knowing the particular experience and movement of that person. A qualified physician in orthopedics, sports medicine and sometimes a general or family practitioner can give you advice for back pain management. Chiropractors or physical therapists are additional sources to get you moving without back pain. Once you have some specific exercises to follow, enrolling in a community class for yoga, Tai Chi or Pilates, or signing up at a gym for activities offered there may be a good plan to follow for back pain management as well.

The main goal of exercise for muscle pain is to make the muscles strong and flexible, gliding over the joints of your back to lessen the pain with movement. Six directions can be followed to increase the range of motion and they are bending forward and downward, turning to the right and left, and bending to the right or left. Using the muscles in a controlled and slow position can build new muscle while stretching out tight areas.

For disc and joint pain caused by degenerative joint disease such as arthritis or a slipped or herniated disc, there are directed range of motion exercises and spinal manipulative therapy to increase joint movement without invasive therapy. Movement is the primary stimulus for blocking the production and transmission of disc and joint pain. Range of motion exercises moves the joints and discs carefully back and forth in a comfortable way to reduce swelling and inflammation that cause pain. They are very similar to those exercises conducted for back muscle pain management and involve similar movements.

muscle pain management

Spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) was developed to increase motion in restricted joints to stimulate sensory nerves and block the production of pain. Another bonus of SMT is that it produces endorphins when conducted. Endorphins are the body’s own natural painkillers. It is a relatively new therapy for back pain management, so be sure to do some research on the practitioner performing it. Chiropractors and specialized physical therapists and pain doctor typically administer SMT. For more information, visit

Once you have a program to follow, try to keep the exercise routine fun so that you don’t slack off. Exercising to music or while watching television may distract you and make you feel as if you’re not even exercising. Just follow a plan and track your progress. And when your back is feeling better, continue to do some exercise to keep your back in motion.

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